Harvest Time Coming Soon!

grapes2It’s about that time, Harvest Time! Come and see what wine looks like on the vine.

We are now accepting reservations for the 2013 Grape Harvest. This is a free hands-on experience where you, individually or in a group, can pick off the ripe bunches that will one day fill your wine glass.

Participation in this unique event will include a free breakfast from 7-7:45 a.m. the morning of harvest and a free bottle of wine.

While the actually harvest date is yet to be determined by the grapes themselves, we have estimated that Harvest will be the last week of August thru the first week of September. There are many different varieties of grapes that may potentially ripen at different times so please call us now to make your reservation. *Harvest is usually done in the cool mornings but exceptions can be made for evening reservations.

Attached is the official 2013 Harvest flier. Help us spread the word!

Harvesting Flier

Contact Info:

Black Squirrel Vineyard and Winery

Jolene and Charles Caldwell

(712) 566-2681


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